wp2print has production management features that give you a clear and comprehensive view of all your orders in one place. The production status system will keep your customers informed about their orders.

Real-time visibility

In the Production View page, your production manager can see everything they need to know about your jobs:

  • Customer
  • Artwork Status
  • Proofing Status
  • Assigned Vendor
  • Production Status

Keeps your customers informed

wp2print’s production status system keeps your customers informaed about the production status of their order. With a single mouse click, your staff can move a job from one production status to the next. wp2print can automatically send an email to your customer informing them of the new status for their order. When your customer receives a series of emails clearly illustrating that their job is moving forward through your production, that customer will know that you are treating their order seriously. That customer will not be nervous about their order and, most importantly, that customer will not feel the need to call you and ask you when you will ship their order.