Web-to-Print for Printers, Signmakers and Copy Shops

With Printers Website, your customers can use your website to receive quotations, create new documents online or upload files, place orders and make payments. You can use Printers Website to track jobs in production and automate your workflow.

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  • Our site handles our small orders

    We are digital printers. We used to find it difficult to make a real profit on small orders: Although our profit per page is extremely high, we spent the same sales and administration time for a $50 order as we did for a $1000 order.

    Our solution was to push the small orders to our website. Now that we have Printers Website, it handles the entire sales process for our small orders, including quoting, file upload and payment. Even better, our salespeople now have much more free time to pursue the larger orders.

  • Tracking jobs through our production

    We use paper job-tickets in our production area. Although paper tickets work well, it is impossible to know exactly where a given job is without visiting the shop floor. What is worse, our CSRs spent 20% of their time chasing job statuses in response to a customer's or salesperson's call.

    Printers Websites lets us track and move jobs through our production process. Not only can our CSRs see the status of any job, but our salespeople and even our customers can track the status over the web.

    Most important, implementation of job tracking with Printers Website was simple and did not require us to change the way we work.

  • Private stores for our largest accounts

    Our larger accounts pushed us to allow their employees to order printing from us directly, without involving the purchasing or marketing department.

    We used Printers Website to build private stores for our largest accounts. Now any employee that is authorized to buy print can place an order on our site. With private stores, the order process is fast and simple, even for documents with online personalization.

    Our large accounts love the private stores we have built for them. Even better, I worry much less about a competitor stealing these large accounts from us.

  • Our customers demand internet ordering

    For many customers, the internet is the first place they go when they want to buy something. Our old website looked good but didn't offer online quotes or orders. We found that many customers were visiting our site but few took the trouble to call us on the phone. Instead, they simply moved to another site that could take their order.

    Now that we have Printers Website, our site gives the customer a quote, then takes the order and payment. We are now getting dozens of orders each week that we used to lose to other printers.

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