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When you search Google, the pages Google returns are those pages that most closely match the search terms you use. The pages shown at the top of the Google results probably contains exactly these search terms not only in the body text but also in the links on the page, the images on the page, META title and more.

In the printing industry, the most popular type of internet search is a document type plus the user's locality. For a customer in Sarasota Florida, for example, the most likely search terms the customer will use are:

"Printing Brochure Sarasota Florida"

If you want your site to be displayed when someone makes such a search, then you must have a page in your site that contains exactly these keywords.

Page tuned for specific search terms

With Printers Website's Gateway page system, we create thousands of pages for your site that are optimized for these search terms. Your site will contain a page built for each document type you select combined with the name of every city in the US with a population over 25,000.

In these Gateway pages in, the keywords are contained in the META title, ordinary text, images and links. These pages will be referenced in Google's index and will help drive potential customers from Google to your site.

Thousands of pages listed in Google index

At right are the Google results for a real Printers Website customer. His site has 4310 pages indexed in Google and these links funnel hundreds of customers to his site each week. What is best, these are organic (free) search results, so there are no per click advertising charges to pay!