Предоставление сайта поисковым системам (2)

Printers Website was built to work together with the most popular search engines. Not only can you configure Printers Website to get excellent results in search but you can also configure Printers Website to take advantage of many of the other free-of-charge services offered by the search engines such as click tracking, conversion tracking, maps and more.

Integrating with each search engine requires creating an account on the search engine. Then for each service offered, the search engine will provide you with certain codes that need to be entered into the administrative control panel of Printers Website.

Print Science offers a paid service to perform this basic search engine integration on your behalf. The service includes registration of your website and your company with the following services:

  • Submitting the sitemap for Printers Website to Google
  • Submitting the sitemap for Printers Website to Yahoo
  • Submitting the sitemap for Printers Website to Microsoft Bing
  • Registering your Printers Website with Google Analytics
  • Registration of Google Maps API code (used for google maps on Contact page)

In order to perform these services on your behalf, we will need you to create a mailbox address like:

webmaster@[yourdomain.com ]

You will need to arrange that a copy of all mail to this mailbox is forwarded to us.