Dobija World

Dobija World is one of the oldest and largest printers in our region of Australia. We have 15 employees and we offer both 4-color offset and digital printing.

We started with Printers Website because we needed a way to bring in orders from customers that found us via the web. Surprisingly, we have found that Printers Website has helped us with our classic "offline" business too.

When a sales person is visiting a customer or the customer calls us and asks for a quote for a small job, the first reaction of our staff is to open our site and generate a quote for the customer directly from the website.

Because we can generate an accurate quote so quickly, many customers decide to award the job to us on the spot, without getting quotes from other printers.

Our sales people are thrilled at getting orders without the delay and pressure involved with competitive bidding. I am thrilled because we are winning more business and our staff is spending less time on administering small orders.

Josh Dobija
Dobija World

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We are a medium-sized printer in Santa Monica with 3 locations around Los Angeles. The vast majority of our work comes from local customers in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere in California. All our advertising, including internet advertising, is displayed only in California.

We began using Printers Website in 2006 because we wanted a website that help us gather new customers and orders from outside of California. In order to reach new customers without spending huge sums on internet advertising, we installed the Printers Website Gateway page system.

With the Gateway page system, we now have over 5000 pages in Google's index and these pages funnel us an average of 6 new customers per day from outside California.

Since these pages appear in the free search portion of Google, we don't pay anything for these new customers. Printers Website has proven to be a very effective tool for gaining new customers and extra business.

Kavian Soudbash
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