Integration with for outbound mailings

Printers Website can help you build your mailing list for outbound marketing. Printers Website itself does not send marketing e-mails for you. However, Printers Website can be linked to the most popular outbound mailing systems. When a customer registers for a new account in Printers Website, if the customer opts-in to your mailing list, then Printers Website will automatically add the users name and e-mail address to the mailing list maintained on the externally-hosted outbound mailing system.

Printers Website can automatically register your new customers with 3 outbound mailing services:

  • Mail Chimp
  • Sendy
  • Zapier

In order to enable the automatic export to any of these external services, you must configure Printers Website with certain API information. This API information will be provided by the external service. Once you have received the API information from the external service, you should simply enter the information into Printers Website and then enable the automatic export via the checkbox at right as shown below: