Release notes

Material Design interface for Designer

We have added a new user-interface style for the Designer. In addition to the original style which we have relabeled "Classic", we have added a user-interface labeled "Material Design". The video below illustrates the differences between the Classic and Material Design user-interface styles: 

Material design style
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The new Material Design style is available immediately. Here is the documentation showing how to select the user-interface style at the account level and at the product level.

Full access control list

We have a complete Access Control List (ACL) to the administrative pages. For each employee, you can decide precisely which administrative pages the employee can access:

The online help pages describing the ACL

New version of QuickBooks Importer

For users of QuickBooks 2010 and 2011, we have released a new version of the QuickBooks Importer. All versions of the QuickBooks Importer can be downloaded here:

New file uploader

We have added an improved inline file uploader to Printers Website. The advantages of the new file uploader are:

  • Compatible with iPad and Android
  • Supports Drag and Drop
  • Improved user inteface
  • Supports language translations

The older, Flash-based, file upload method remains active on all sites. In order to move to the new file uploader, you must select "Style2" from the admin page "File upload settings".

Here are instructions illustrating how to enable the new file upload style.

Button label for personalizable products

For personalizeable products, we received reports that customers were sometimes confused by the idea of first placing the product in their shopping cart, then personalizeing it.

In order to reduce this confusion, when a customer is viewing a personalizeable product, the label of the button will be:


instead of:

Add to Cart

An example can be seen here: