Reorders are high-margin

Reorders are considered to be the most profitable business for printing companies. The most obvious reason is that reorders require less work and resources compared to starting work on a new project. The design and layout of the product have already been established, so the printing company does not need to spend time and money on prepress or graphic design.

What is perhaps more important is that reorders allow printing companies to build a relationship with the customer and develop trust. This trust makes it more likely that the printing company will win new printing projects from the customer. Both reorders and new projects create an opportunity to upsell additional products and services.

If the volume of reorders becomes large, the printing company can build a private store or portal for the customer using a web to print e-commerce system like wp2print. Once the company’s employees begin using the private store or portal, the customer is locked to the printing company. It will be much more difficult for competing printing companies to steal the customer’s business.

In summary, reorders are the most profitable business for printing companies because they provide a steady stream of income, require less work and resources and help build trust and even customer lock-in. All of these factors combined make reorders an essential part of a printing company’s business strategy.