Private Stores (portals) improve customer retention of your biggest customers

Print providers that offer portals for large customers can greatly improve their operations and customer satisfaction. A customer portal is a secure, online platform that allows businesses place orders directly with the print provider.

One major benefit of offering customer portals is the convenience it provides for large customers. Rather than having to place orders over the phone or in person, customers can simply log onto the portal and place their order from any device. This can save time and resources for both the print provider and the customer, as the customer can easily access the information and place orders at their convenience.

In addition to convenience, customer portals can also improve the accuracy and efficiency of the ordering process. By automating the ordering process, print providers can reduce the number of errors and eliminate the need for manual data entry. This can save time and resources for both parties, allowing the print provider to focus on other aspects of their operations and providing the customer with a more seamless and efficient experience.

Overall, offering customer portals is a valuable resource for print providers looking to improve their operations and customer satisfaction. By providing a convenient and efficient way for large customers to place orders, print providers can increase customer loyalty and retention, leading to increased sales and revenue.

With wp2print, you can create an unlimited number of private stores or customer portals for your customers. There are no extra charges for each private store.