The Print Science Designer is hosted on Print Science’s servers. Print Science takes care of software updates, backups and hardware maintenance.

Yes. It is possible to host your own Designer server exclusively for your use. This can be installed in AWS EC2 or can be installed in your own data center.

There is a significant extra charge for running your own Designer server. Contact Print Science if you would like to host your own Designer server.


The Designer can function with any TTF or OTF font.

You can use virtually any TTF or OTF font with the Designer. You will upload each TTF or OTF file to your account in the Designer server.

In order to use Type 1 fonts with the Designer, you must first convert the font from Type 1 to TTF. There are many online websites that can perform this conversion.

In order to use a font suitcase from OSX, you must first break the suitcase apart into its constituent TTF files and then upload the TTF files individually.