Prices for Designer

The Print Science Designer is available via a monthly subscription. All subscription plans offer a low price of $9.99 for the first month.

Print Science Designer FAQ Site Origin

Print Designer Designer FAQ Can I host the Designer on my own server? The Print Science Designer is hosted on Print Science’s servers. Print Science takes care of software updates, backups and hardware maintenance. What fonts can we use in … Read More

Designer Integration with databases

The Designer can be integrated directly with databases. When a user launches the Designer, the data for that user can be extracted from the database and then inserted into the document.

Designer Special features for Letterpress printers

The Designer has special feature built specifically for letterpress printing. If the customer chooses to change the ink color of one variable text field, the color for all the remaining text fields is automatically changed to the new color too.

What our customers say about the Designer

I have been in the printing business 16 years and have used several design plugins and services in the past. None came close to this one. This one has everything you need. Eric Rivera Print Science is an excellent plugin … Read More

What our customers say about wp2print

The site can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences through the use of plugins and other add ons that make the user and admin experience better.  Ability to customize with very useful features, good customer support and response … Read More

Becca Smith

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