Unlimited image uploads

Your customers can upload as many images as they would like. There are no limits on the number of files your customers can upload and no limits on the size of the images your customers upload. Your customers can upload … Read More

Download orders

After you receive an order, Fotovender makes it easy for you to download the images customers want printed.

Fotovender FAQ

Paying for Fotovender Hosting Image uploads Domain name for website WordPress Online payments


Fotovender is an e-commerce system that allows you to sell photo prints and products imprinted with photos. For consumers, Fotovender makes it easy for customers to upload their photos from both computers and phone, adjust the layout of the photo … Read More

Auto-detection for document printing

Document printing is relatively low-margin and it is crucial that you have an accurate page count before you offer a price quotation. A common problem is that customers enters incorrect page counts. This can occur if the customer does not … Read More

EDDM Mail Campaigns

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a simple and low-cost method for customers to send mailing campaigns. wp2print allows your customers to purchase EDDM mailing campaigns directly from your site. Your customers can choose the mailing routes they would like … Read More

New landing

wp2print Complete E-Commerce Solution for Print Products E-COMMERCE FOR PRINT wp2print can sell digital print, wide-format, book products, blueprints and more PRIVATE STORES AND CUSTOMER PORTALS Each private store is branded with your customer’s logo and contains that customer’s private … Read More


As a customer for many years, I am generally very satisfied with online print products (Wp2print). The support is reactive and close to its customers. The product I use is not perfect but it is constantly evolving and in line … Read More

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