Optimizing Google Local page

Everyone wants to get their site onto the 1st page of Google's results. Frequently, the simplest way to get your site onto the first page of Google's results is to make sure that your company has a good listing in the Google Local results.

Google Local results are show at the top of the 1st page, above all of the other organic (free-of-charge) search results. A good listing in Google local can results in dozens of hits per day. Best of all, these are all free-of-charge.

Optimizing your Google local page to is similar to other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tasks. You must develop the set of keywords for which you want you page to place highly and insert these into your Google local listing. You should also research the keywords your local competitors use and add these to your listing as well.

Print Science can create your Google local listing for you as well as manage the keyword research and placement:

  1. We complete your Google Local listing for all available fields.
  2. For a list of keywords you provide, we incorporate these keywords in various positions in the page.
  3. We analyze the Google local performance of your local competitors to identify the keywords they use. We then add these keywords to your listing.