Online proofing

For the final proof of color-critical work, you can produce a hard-copy proof to send via courier. For intermediate proofs, or proofs of non-color-critical work, most customers prefer to receive a soft-proof--it's faster and less expensive than a hard-copy proof.

Today, most printers simply send the soft-proof as an e-mail attachment, which can pose problems: E-mails carrying large attachments are often filtered out and not delivered. If your customer does not receive the proof you e-mailed, he might assume you forgot about him and/or the job you need to print for him. Worse: if there is ever a dispute with the customer, it can be hard for you to reconstruct the trail of who said what when, and whether the customer did or did not submit his approval.

Printers Website provides a framework for sending soft-proofs to customers and managing both comments and proof approval. Proofs just don't get lost and customer comments are stored and easily accessed.

Here is how it works:

  1. You make the proof file, typically as a low-resolution PDF
  2. You upload the proof via Printers Website
  3. Your customer receives an e-mail inviting him to look at the proof
  4. Your customer goes online and views the proof file
  5. Your customer chooses to either:
    1. Require corrections (space provided to enter comments)
    2. Approve proof
  6. You receive an e-mail with your customer's comments or approval
  7. The full history of your customer's comments and approvals is maintained online

Customer's proofing screen
  • Download and view proof
  • View history of comments and changes
  • Make new comments if required
  • Approve proof

Administrator's proofing screen
  • View complete history of comments and changes
  • Make new comments if required
  • Upload new proof if required