Can I host the Designer on my own server?

The Print Science Designer is hosted on Print Science's servers. Print Science takes care of software updates, backups and hardware maintenance.


What are the limits of the each Designer plan?

Each of the different plans has 2 different limitations:

  1. Maximum number of templates
  2. Maximum number of monthly uses

For example, the 'Lite' plan allows you to load a maximum of 20 template files on your account in the Designer server. We count templates, not products.

With the 'Lite' plan, you are limited to 500 uses of the Designer per month. Each time your customer clicks the "Approve" button is counted as one use against your monthly quota of 500 uses.

This page displays the limits for each Designer plan.

Is there a contract or a minimum period for the subscriptions?

The subscriptions for the Print Science Designer are for 1-month. You may cancel any subscription at the end of any month.

Can I test the Designer for free before signing-up?

For all the Designer plans, the subscription fee for the first month is reduced to approximately $10 or €10. This will allow you to test the Designer at a very low cost and with little risk.

If you are not happy with the Designer, then you can cancel you subscription any time within the first month.


What kind of fonts can be used with the Designer?

You can use virtually any TTF or OTF font with the Designer. You will upload each font to the Designer server.

What about font families or font suitcases?

On OSX, sometimes all the different versions of a font are grouped together into a font suitcase or font family. You cannot upload a font suitcase or font family directly to the Designer. Instead, you must first break the font suitcase apart into its constituent fonts. You can then upload each of the constituent fonts to the Designer server one by one.

What about alternative font glyphs?

In general, you will not be able to use alternative font glyphs with the Designer.


What types of images can user's upload?

Customers can upload images in the following formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, EPS and PDF.

Do you convert RGB images to CMYK?

For each image block, you can decide whether the Designer should convert images uploaded by the user to CMYK.