Fotovender can be hosted by Print Science or you can host Fotovender yourself on your own server.

Print Science offers hosting on servers in the US, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney and Sao Paulo. If you choose to have Print Science host your site, your site will be hosted on the server closest to you.

Fotovender is built with WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress is simple to host and almost all hosts will support WordPress.

Image uploads

Images uploaded by customers are stored in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud.

If you are using an S3 bucket provided by Print Science, images uploaded by your customers are stored for 30 days.

If you are using your own S3 bucket to store images, you can control when the images will be automatically removed.

You have the choice: You can start your own account with Amazon Web Services or you can use a bucket provided by Print Science.

The original images your customer uploads are secure; only you can access these images.

Domain name for website

You can use any domain name you would like for your Fotovender site.

You will register your own domain name. You own the domain name and you control the domain name. Even if you stop using the Fotovender system, you continue to own and control the domain name.


Fotovender is built with standard WordPress. You can freely add your own plugins to your Fotovender site.

Online payments

You can use virtually any payment gateway you want. Fotovender is built with WordPress and virtually all payment gateways have created a WordPress plugin.

You can use any of these popular payment gateways and more: Stripe, Square, AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Adyen, WorldPay, Sagepay.

No. Print Science does not take any percentage of your sales. You receive all the money your customers pay to you.