Don’t appear unprofessional by using gmail or outlook email boxes

We frequently see long-established printing businesses using a free email provider such as Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail. While these email boxes from Google and Microsoft certainly function, we strongly urge our customers to make a change for 2 simple reasons: First, using a Gmail or Outlook email address makes your business look less established, less serious and less professionsal. Second, many companies block incoming emails from the free-of-charge email providers because of spam and phishing risks. Thus there is a greater risk that the emails you send are never delivered to your customers.

Fortunately, this issue has a simple and low-cost solution: Switch to using email boxes using your own business’ domain name. Using your own domain name for your email boxes establishes a professional image for your business. In addition, it will improve the deliverability of the emails you send by reducing the likelyhood of emails being filtered out or sent to “spam” folders. The best news is that setting up email boxes for your own domain name is easy and low cost. You can even use Gmail or Outlook with your own domain name by paying a small monthly fee.

Switching away from email boxes using Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail to email boxes using your own domain name is a worthwhile switch every business should make.