How the Print Science Designer works

The entire shopping process takes place in the shopping cart on your own website. The Design Online process is handled by an HTML5 application running in your customer's browser. Your shopping cart launches the HTML5 application via a simple API call to our Designer server. After your customer completes the Design Online process, the customer returns to your shopping cart and our Designer server creates a new, high-resolution PDF file that you can print.

Your customer sees

Behind the scenes

1. Customer selects product in your store
2. Customer hits button "Personalize"
3. HTML5 application opens in customer's browser
4. HTML5 application displays your product
5. Customer personalizes product
6. Customer ends Design Online process
7. Customer returns to your store
8. Customer completes checkout
A. Your store makes API call to Designer server
B. Designer server responds with URL for session
C. Your store redirects customer to URL
D. Designer server receives data from HTML5 application
E. Designer server creates new high-resolution PDF file
F. New PDF file available for download and printing