After a customer uploads their own artwork file, Autoproof automatically creates thumbnail images of each page in each of the customer’s file. The customer then previews the files to check that they have uploaded the correct set of fiels and … Read More

PDF Preflight

Print Science Preflight can analyze PDF files to detect serious problems that could cause poor quality printing results. Once you know that the file contains problematic elements, you can then take action to fix the problems before sending the file … Read More

Auto-detection for document printing

Document printing is relatively low-margin so it is crucial that you have an accurate page count before you offer a price quotation. A common problem with online price calculators is that customers can enter incorrect page counts. This can occur … Read More

EDDM Mail Campaigns

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a simple and low-cost method for customers to send mailing campaigns. wp2print allows your customers to purchase EDDM mailing campaigns directly from your site. Your customers can choose the mailing routes they would like … Read More

Public Stores (B2C) and Private Stores (B2B)

All wp2print sites include both a public store (B2C) and private stores (B2B). Public stores allow you to sell directly to customers. Private stores are password protected parts of the site that are dedicated to your largest customers.

Multistore: Multiple websites with 1 admin panel

Many printers want to have multiple different websites that sell a certain set of products targeting a specific market segment. Many printers have achieved this by creating multiple independent websites. Unfortunately, maintaining multiple websites is complex and very time consuming. … Read More

RapidQuote: Automation for AEC printing

RapidQuote automates the price estimation for AEC prints. Simply drag and drop the files into the RapidQuote price calculator and RapidQuote opens each page in each file, calculates the size and ink coverage of each page and calculates the price. … Read More

Make re-orders easy

Every web-to-print printer loves reorders. wp2print makes reorders easy for your customer. With wp2print, your customers can view their past order and place reorders with a single click. For orders where the artwork file was created using the Designer, wp2print … Read More

Web-to-Print Design online studio

The Print Science Designer is an award-winning web-to-print tool integrated into wp2print. With the Designer, your customers can create personalized documents online based on templates you create. Your customer adds his own text and images to the document, proofs it … Read More

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