Complete e-commerce solution for print products

Your wp2print web-to-print system handles the entire ordering process from beginning to end including the following steps: Price quote based on quantities and options File upload or online file creation Calculating shipping costs Calculating sales tax Taking payment

Web-to-Print Design online studio

The Print Science Designer is an award-winning web-to-print tool integrated into wp2print. With the Designer, your customers can create personalized documents online based on templates you create. Your customer adds his own text and images to the document, proofs it … Read More

Production management

wp2print has production Management functions that help you maintain a smooth flow of orders through production and prevent mistakes. With wp2print, you can create a list of the steps in your normal production flow. You can then march each order … Read More

Unlimited file uploads

When customers upload their files through wp2print, the files are stored in your account on the Amazon Web Services S3 cloud. With uploads to S3, there are no limits on: The number of files customers can upload The type of … Read More

Private Stores and customer portals

With your wp2print, you can build a Private Store or customer portal for each of your large customers. This private store will contain the documents the customer orders recurrently, such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, and posters. Once a document … Read More

Send proofs and receive approval

Sometimes, your prepress department make changes to an artwork file your customer has sent you. In certain cases, this change is large enough that you want to show the changes to your customer and explicitly ask the customer’s approval before … Read More

Integrating wp2print with other systems

Taking an order is only the first step in your process. In most cases, you will want to transfer the information about the order from wp2print into your shopfloor control or accounting system. You can integrate wp2print with accounting system … Read More

Send quotes and convert to orders

You can create and send quotations to customers through the wp2print administrative pages. When sending price quotations, you can take advantage of the same price calculator displayed in the customer pages. Your customer will receive the quotation by email. When … Read More

wp2print web-to-print e-Commerce system

WEB-TO-PRINT E-COMMERCE The wp2print web-to-print system was built specifically to help print providers sell products online. wp2print can sell digital, wide-format, book products, blueprints and more. wp2print has proofing and production management built right in PRIVATE STORES AND CUSTOMER PORTALS … Read More

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