Download the press-ready PDF

Once your customer completes his purchase in your store, you can download the new, high-resolution PDF created during the Design Online session directly from the control panel of your store. In Magento v2 In WooCommerce In Prestashop

Using Designer in your store

From your customer’s perspective, the Designer is integrated smoothly into the standard purchase flow. In Magento v2 In WooCommerce In Prestashop

Product set-up in your store

In your store, the set-up process for products using the Designer is the same as for any other product. The only additional information required during the set-up is to enter the Product ID on the Personalization server. In Magento v2 … Read More

Product configuration on the Designer Server

After using Acrobat to add the variable data blocks to the PDF template, you complete the set-up of the product on the Designer server. First, you upload the template file to the Designer server. You then decide which controls and … Read More

Process to prepare template file for Design Online

The Print Science Designer has a fast and simple method available for preparing documents for Design Online. The only tool you need to create template files is Acrobat Pro and the free PDFlib plug-in. The simple process is: