Request Payment from customer

While it is always to simple to take a payment from a customer that is on site, there are times when you need to collect a payment from a customer that is not on site. Pack and Ship makes it … Read More

Outbound shipment documentation

When you send high-value shipments, you may want to protect yourself from claims of poor packaging by taking photos of each box.With Pack and Ship, you scan a barcode and then take multiple photos of each box with a phone … Read More

Inbound shipment registration and notification

When you receive a shipment on behalf of your customer, you need an easy way to register the shipment and then notify your customer that you have received the shipment. With Pack Ship and Print, you simply scan the barcodes … Read More

Send SMS to customers

Your staff can use your website to send SMS messages directly to your customers with a few mouse-clicks. There are many times when you want to send a short message to your customers to notify them that: The advantages of … Read More

Online orders and payments

Your Pack and Ship site can take orders for simple products such as packaging materials and boxes right out of the box.

Ready-to-go website

The Pack and Ship system is a WordPress website that comes with all the functions built-in. You simply configure your store’s information for address, opening times etc. and your site is ready to go.

Shipment Tracking for customers

Customers enter the tracking number for their shipment. The website automatically recognizes the carrier and displays the tracking status. This tracking feature can recognize tracking number from: