Library of photo products

Fotovender comes preconfigured with a large number of photo products that you can choose to offer in your site. These include: If you want to sell a certain product in your site, simply choose the product, assign a price and … Read More

Flexible hosting

If you want to host your fotovender website yourself, you can. If you want to have Print Science manage the hosting, there is no extra charge. Similarly, if you want to use your own account with Amazon Web Services (AWS) … Read More

Unlimited image uploads

Your customers can upload as many images as they would like. There are no limits on the number of files your customers can upload and no limits on the size of the images your customers upload. Your customers can upload … Read More

Download orders

After you receive an order, Fotovender makes it easy for you to download the images customers want printed.

Purchasing from the gallery

After your customer uploads photos, Fotovender automatically creates a gallery for the customer. The customer browses through the gallery and selects the images for to make prints from and the type of print they want. Fotovender then allows the customer … Read More

Uploading photos

Fotovender makes it easy for customers to upload their images from their computer or there phone. There are no limits to the number of images a customer uploads . After the images are uploaded, Fotovender automatically creates a gallery of … Read More

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